Welcome!  I'm an Assistant Professor in the ECE Department at the University of California, San Diego. Broadly speaking, my research interests span the analysis and design of feedback-based systems for control, optimization, estimation, and learning. Our laboratory works on the development of foundational theories and algorithms for feedback-enabled autonomous machines in different engineering, societal, and biological systems. To achieve this overarching goal, our research combines tools from control theory, dynamical systems, optimization, game theory,  network science and machine learning. Application domains include cyber-physical systems (power systems, connected autonomous vehicles, transportation systems), robotic systems, and biotechnology. 

Prospective Students, Postdocs, and Visitors

We are always looking for highly motivated students, researchers, and visiting scholars with a strong mathematical background and interest in control, optimization, and learning systems. If interested, please reach out at poveda@ucsd.edu  For more information about admissions to UCSD please click this link.